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Visual Arts Exhibition: "More Than Words - Visual Playground of Chinese Characters"
The Arts House @ Old Parliament, Singapore
March 10 - April 10, 2016

A month-long HKETO-supported exhibition, "More Than Words - Visual Playground of Chinese Characters", features respective motif artwork and derivative patterned artwork of Hong Kong-based artists, Sun Chan and his daughter Hikoko Chan on the themes of Fantasy (幻形), Triangle (三角) and Happiness (樂) among others.

Sun and Hikoko’s works can be appreciated purely for their visual appeal, yet the embedded words engage viewers who read Chinese characters, in word-guessing games, while their exotic nature sparks curiosity and evokes imagination in others.

Their art pieces are “pictures” in which viewers can see only the motifs/ patterns at first without guidelines for interpretation; it is only through a journey of exploration that the viewers will be able to uncover the Chinese “words” concealed. The artists transform the writing of Chinese words into vibrant colors with kaleidoscope-like motifs that are reminiscent of geometric abstraction.