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Hong Kong Shipping Registry

With more than 2 600 ships that aggregate over 130 million gross tons (GT), the Hong Kong Shipping Register (HKSR) is the fourth largest register in the world in terms of gross tonnage. It is also renowned for the good quality of Hong Kong registered-ships. HKSR is constantly included in the white list of the Paris MoU, the Tokyo MoU and the USCG Qualship 21.

The Register is operated by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China, through the Marine Department which has over 150 years of experience in ship registration, inspection and survey. A Hong Kong registered ship shall comply with international standards including safety and protection of marine environment.

Benefits of registering your ship with HKSR:

  • A world-class shipping register with a reputation for good quality and excellent service
  • A well-established quality assurance system and close working relationship with our owners and companies for improving ships’ quality
  • Readily available technical support and advice by highly qualified and responsive professional staff
  • Simple registration process supported with year-round service
  • One of the lowest tax regimes in the world
  • Shipping incentives tax regime that no profits tax levied on international trade
  • Double taxation relief arrangement with major trading partners
  • No nationality restrictions on manning
  • A clean, efficient and business friendly civil service
  • Excellent ship management, financial, communication, legal and other support facilities
  • An independent, well-established common law system
  • Gateway to the Mainland of China

Regional Desk (Singapore)
As an overseas outreach arm of Hong Kong Shipping Registry (HKSR) in the world’s major sea ports, Regional Desk of HKSR was set up in Singapore in mid-2020 and started serving the owners of Hong Kong-registered ships, residing in Singapore and the nearby south-east Asian cities.

Main countries under purview:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • India

Main Tasks:

  • Providing support to local shipowners
  • Flag quality controls
  • Ship registration
  • Enhancing the working relationship with maritime authorities in the region
  • Promoting Hong Kong maritime services

Tel (Direct): 65-6330 9339
Email: hksr@hketosin.gov.hk